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(28 Mar 2017)

Entry Price: 50 Rs.

Exit Price: 150 Rs.

Value Picks Performance of 2017


(19 Sep 2017)

Entry Price: 400 Rs.

Exit Price: 1000 Rs.


(21 Jun 2017)

Entry Price: 300 Rs.

Exit Price: 700 Rs.

Profit: 133%

Profit: 200%

Profit: 150%

6-times in a row by National Stock Market Advisory Awards

MULTIBAGGER Growth Potential

Stock Tips


Awarded India's Best Performing Equity Adviser

Our investment style has been given a name – FOCUSED INVESTING – which implies only 1 stock holding at a time, not 5 or 10. It is hard to find good investments, so concentrate in single stock seems to me to be the best idea. It gives Higher returns With Lower Risk Without Diversifying. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet and have confidence in your investments, you can adjust your portfolio accordingly and make bigger bets.

Buy Right - Sit Tight

The Power Of Focused investing

The toughest thing in stock investing is to do nothing. That’s right, nothing! Once you buy a stock and watch it move up few days, there is an urge to take action. Since you bought the stock, you’ve probably read numerous investment news stories on the market in general and your stock in particular. And even if you are only watching your stock (as we advise), you’ve taken in many days of price, volume and relative performance (RP) action. With so much input, it’s easy to have your thinking swayed, which creates temptation to take action.  Another way to say it is that most investors lack patience. That’s a shame, because almost every successful investor we’ve ever met or read about has an abundance of patience. After all, if you’re correct on a stock, what’s the point of rushing things?

Invest with patience

‘Buy Right’ means buying quality companies at a reasonable price and ‘Sit Tight’ means staying invested in them for a long time to realise the full growth potential of the stocks.

Rule No. 1 :- Never Loose Money

Rule No. 2 :- Never Forget Rule No. 1

We follow these rules very strictly so we make sure you don’t loose money. We Carefully hand-pick stocks to ensure that your capital is safe and sound together with the chance of raking in hefty gains.

Since 2007 we have outperformed the overall market with a sound, buy-and-hold approach to identifying well-managed, high-quality companies

As one of the nation’s top-performing investment Advisory, has consistently been recognized for its track record in both bull and bear markets

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